Engineered for the harsh underground environment.

Save Big On Energy Costs

Reduce Energy Costs. Improve Worker Safety. Eliminate Costly Maintenance.
It’s well-known that LED lighting uses a fraction of the energy compared to conventional lighting sources such as metal halide or sodium lamps. With a typical power rating of 400W, lighting a 100 meter distance with lamps consumes 4000W continuously. Compare this to our LED strip lighting which consumes only 9W per meter for a total only 900W over that same 1000 meter distance! With thousands of meters of lighting requirements underground, it becomes clear how LED will save your mine money.

Better Lighting Is Safer

Reduce Energy Costs. Improve Worker Safety. Eliminate Costly Maintenance.
One of the pitfalls with conventional lighting is uneven light, referred to as “high and low spots” of luminescence that causes glare and confusion. This condition increases the risk of a hazardous work environment – especially when lighting failure occurs, leaving even darker areas with no lighting at all. LED strip lighting solves this by providing full lighting coverage, end to end, with no high or low spots, ensuring a constant and stable lighting solution. And with a 150 degree angle from ceiling to floor, your mine operators will feel safer leading to increased morale and performance.

Set It And Forget It

Reduce Energy Costs. Improve Worker Safety. Eliminate Costly Maintenance.
Conventional lighting such as metal halide or sodium lamps are prone to premature failure due to the harsh environmental conditions in underground mines. As a result, these lighting systems are known to lose up to 50% of luminescence within the first 4 to 6 months, and rarely last beyond 12 months. Continually replacing lamps throughout the mine is costly and adds to your annual lighting energy costs in a big way. LED strip lighting is not affected by the mine environment and loses +-1 to 2% per annum with a lifespan of 5 years. And best of all, damaged strips can be repaired in 8″ sections – saving time and money.

5 year warranty with expected lifespan of
10 years

x-Glo LED Strip Lighting is easy to install, lowers energy costs, provides a safer work environment and requires little to no maintenance.


The x-Glo product has worked really well here at our Solvay Facility in Green River Wyoming.
Don has provided great customer service and has helped me design some very large lighting projects that have turned out to be very successful.
I would recommend their product every time.

Josh Wells, Mine Electrical Planner, Solvay Essential Chemicals North America

x-Glo LED strip lighting helped increase safety and productivity within the mines by eliminating shadows and increasing employee productivity.
The ease of installation and with virtually no maintenance allows electricians to focus on tasks and priorities within the mine.
x-Glo North America Inc has always provided excellent customer service and has the knowledge to help turn our vision into a reality. I strongly recommend x-Glo for all your lighting requirements.

Mike Mayhew, Mayhew Performance