Conventional lights VERSUS x-Glo LED

The x-Glo LED Advantage Is Clear

10 Year Expected Lifespan

5 Year Warranty

Under 2 Years for ROI

Take a closer look

Conventional lighting versus x-Glo LED over a 100 meter distance:

Metal Halide / Sodium Lamps (400W) – 10 lamps installed 10m apart4,000W
x-Glo LED Lighting Strip (9W/meter) – 100 meter length900W
ENERGY EFFICIENCY / LIFELifespanLoss in Brightness
Compact Fluorescent Lamp10-12 mths50% (6-8 mths)
Fluorescent Lamp12-18 mths50% (10-12 mths)
High Pressure Sodium Lamp18-24 mths50% (12-18 mths)
Metal Halide Lamp10-12 mths50% (6-8 mths)
General LEDs12-24 mths50% (12-18 mths)
x-Glo LED Lighting Strip 5+ yrs30-50% (5+ yrs)

Do The Math

One clear advantage x-Glo LED has over conventional lighting is lower installation costs. Installing conventional lighting requires a dedicated power line and junction boxes for every lamp – this is labour-intensive and requires electricians to get it done. Simply plug a x-Glo LED Strip Lighting Power Controller into an existing power supply and hang the LED strip.

Installation of x-Glo LED Strip Lighting is easily and safely handled, and typically completed in 1/3rd the time of conventional lighting. It’s also the perfect solution for temporary lighting requirements. Set it up, take it down or move it to another location. You’ll realize your ROI in 1 1/2 years, after which time, your face will light up in realized energy savings.