Plug & Play

Easy to install and maintain

Our Plug And Play System Really 'Clicks'.

Conventional lighting requires separate power and a wired connection to every lamp, needing the expertise of electricians. This becomes labour-intensive and costly when running many meters of lighting. The x-Glo LED Strip Lighting plugs into an existing power source using an x-Glo power supply which then connects to one end of the LED strip. A single x-Glo power supply will light a 20 meter LED section. To extend beyond 20 meters, just add another power supply at the other end and connect the next section of LED strip – it’s that simple.

Maintenance-free. Easy To Repair.

Damage to lighting through routine underground activities happens. When a conventional lamp is damaged, it results in loss of illumination over many meters – making the affected area a safety hazard until repaired by a qualified electrician. Should a section of the x-Glo strip be damaged, only this section loses light. The remaining portion of the strip continues to provide illumination – allowing for a safer environment. Additionally, damaged sections can be replaced in 8″ strips – making it a quick and cost-effective fix.

Need To Change Direction? No Problem.

x-Glo provides accessories to allow for Bends and T-Junctions so you can direct the LED strips where you need them to go.


Extend the flexibility of your lighting requirements.

x-Glo Power Controller

Fully encapsulated within a PVC enclosure.

Snap Front Connector


Snap End Cap


Injection Mold End Cap


Injection Mold Front Connector


Snap Connector Components

Snap Repair Connector


Snap Bend Connector


Snap T-Connector


Male Quick Connect


Female Quick Connect